“House Judiciary Committee passes three important criminal justice reforms endorsed by AFP”

“These bills are commonsense
reforms that will help many Americans move out from under the shadow of a single past
mistake and achieve a true second chance.”

SEPTEMBER 23, 2022

by AFP

On September 21, the House Judiciary Passed three Americans for Prosperity-endorsed criminal justice bills that represent vital clarifications and reforms that improve second chances and human dignity:

  • R. 5455 (Terry Technical Correction Act),
  • R. 2864 (Clean Slate Act),
  • H.R. 5651 (Fresh Start Act).

The Terry Technical Correction Act is a much-needed clarification from Congress regarding the First Step Act’s provisions, which permit some individuals an opportunity to secure a new sentencing hearing in front of a judge. H.R. 5455 will merely ensure that these individuals have an equal opportunity to petition a court for discretionary sentence reductions as those convicted of more serious offenses.

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